3rd GCS National Guppy Competition Results 2005

The 3rd GCS Competition 2005 was held in Bukit Timah Plaza from 17 to 29 Nov 2005.

There were about 92 entries in 2 Categories – Pair and Breeder (4 Males + 1 Female). Under the Pair Category, there are 5 Classes.

The Grand Champion (also 1st in A4)
A4-3 (71.5 points) – Hannah Yeo

The Grand Champion

The Master Breeder (Class B Breeder entry,  AOC / Open) – Roy Cheok

The Master Breeder

Click here to view more photos in the show

Results of 3rd GCS National Guppy Competition 2005;


Class A paired entry Class 1 (solid colour)

1st Tank A1-8 (74 points) – Dorothy Chiang

2nd Tank A1-14 (72 points) – Fan Kai

3rd Tank A1-18 (70.5 points) – Roy Cheok
Class A paired entry Class 2 (Bi-colour / Tuxedo)

1st Tank A2-6 (71.5 points) – Chiu Jia Yu

2nd Tank A2-4 (68 points) – Chiu Jia Yu

3rd Tank A2-9 (62 points) – Patrick Ang
Class A paired entry Class 3 (mosaic / variegated)

1st Tank A3-9 (74.5 points) – Yap (Guppy Center)

2nd Tank A3-2 (64 points) – Ed Yeo

3rd Tank A3-4 (63.5 points) – Chiu Jia Yu
Class A paired entry Class 4 (snakeskin/cobra)

1st Tank A4-3 (71.5 points) – Hannah Yeo

2nd Tank A4-8 (67 points) – Derrick Tan

3rd Tank A4-9 (65 points) – Lok Weng Kiat
Class A paired entry Class 5 (AOC / Open)

1st Tank A5-15 – Jerry Tan

2nd Tank A5-19 – Lok Weng Kiat

3rd Tank A5-20 – Roy Cheok
Class B Breeder entry (AOC / Open)

1st Tank B – Roy Cheok

2nd Tank B19 – Roy Cheok

3rd Tank B15 – Lok Weng Kiat


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