Why my female guppy does not produce fries?

If your female guppy doesn’t seem to produce fries even if you have left the male in the tank with her for more than a month, please ensure that she or the male is not eating them as fast as they are born.

If you are certain that the fries are not eaten, then the following factors may be affecting the female;

– You may have a strain that is low in fertility. This is often the result of inbreeding for three generations or more.
– Sometimes a cross between two unrelated strains may produce infertile offspring, but this is rare.
– The male may be infertile male, or with a low sperm count. Choose a healthy, active male that show a lot of interest in the female.
– The female may be infertile, due to either genetic or environmental conditions that result in under-developed ovaries.
– Your female may not like that particular male. Use another male.
– Females require good quality food in quantity. High protein and fatty foods (such as worms) promote egg production.
– The tank may have low oxygen levels in the water, or it may be high in nitrates and ammonia, thus triggering a shut down of egg production.
– Sick females often become infertile, sometimes permanently.
– Females require as a minimum, a reading level of light. Brighter lights will often have a marked effect on female fertility and egg production.


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