Introduction to Guppies

Name : Guppy, Millions Fish
Scientific Name : Poecilia (Libestes) Reticulata – Peters 1859
Family : Poeciliidae
Subfamily : Poeciliinae
Genus : Poecilia – Bloch & Schneider 1801
Subgenus : Libestes – de Filippi 1861

In Synonomy With ;
Libestes poecilioides – de Filippi 1861
Girardinus guppii – Gunther 1866
Girardinus reticulatus – Gunther 1866
Libestes poecilioides – Gunther 1866
Poecilioides reticulatus – Jordan & Gilbert 1883
Heterandria guppyi – Jordan 1887
Ancanthophacelus reticulatus – Eigenmann 1907
Ancanthophacelus reticulatus var. guppyi – Eigenmann 1907
Girardinus poecilioides – Boulenger 1912
Poecilia poecilioides – Langer 1913
Glaridichthys (Girardinus) reticulatus – Milewski 1920

The first thing you will notice about guppies is the difference between the males and females. The females are much larger with often a lighter body color and a twinge of color around the tails.

The males are smaller in size with brilliant colors covering their entire body and most notably, the size and flare of their tails.

It is best to start with at least a 10 gallon tank with no more than 5 guppies. For fries, you may use a smaller 5 gallon tank.

Guppies like alkaline water which means the pH level should be around 6.8. We recommend doing 1/3 water changes at least once per week. It is recommended to do frequent water changes to keep good water quality.

Water temperature for guppies should be constant to prevent stress. The water should be kept around 78 degrees so your fish will be more active. The colder the water, the less active the fish.

Guppies should be fed at least twice daily. Brine shrimp and daphnia are good supplements. The supplements can be fed once per day and rotated to keep it interesting. Feed only what can be eaten in five minutes. Cloudy water is a sign of overfeeding.

Guppies are a good community fish meaning that they get along well with other fish such as tetras, mollies and platys. They should not be with aggressive fish. Because of their beautiful tails, they are an easy target for picking on.


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