How the Male guppy court the Female guppy?

There are 2 main methods of mating displayed by the male guppy. They may perform a sigmoid display in which the body is held in an S-shape while the fins are extended and quivered. The male often leaps away by as much as 10 cm. A full sigmoid display lasts for several seconds.

Alternatively, males may attempt a sneaky or forced mating in which the female is approached sideways or from behind and the gonopodium is thrust towards her genital pore.

Females are sexually receptive only as virgins or for a few hours once a month following the birth of a brood.
Most non-virgin females ignore male displays and try to avoid sneaky mating attempts. Receptive females respond to a male’s advances by Gliding towards him.

Copulation is accompanied by Arching (in which the female moves close to the male, halts and raises her head and tail slightly) and Wheeling (in which both move round in a tight circle). When it is completed the male often jerks away and may cease sexual activity for 30 min or so.

Below shows some displayed behaviour while courting and copulating;

Preliminary courting activities;
Note :
P = Posturing male orients towards female’s head, but not with body in Signoid curve.
FS = Following Side male swims beside female.
FB = Following Behind male swims behind female.
BC = Biting Cloaca during Following Behind (see below) male bites female near the cloaca (genital pore).

Advanced courting activities;
Note :
SH = Sigmoid High intensity usually directed towards females. Male flexes his body into a strong “C” or “S” shape and vibrates rapidly. Male may be at various angles to female, or even facing away. Degree of intensity (ie. high, medium or low) can depend on either duration of amount of flex in the male’s body. Criterion for intensity should be given.
SL = Sigmoid Low intensity as above, but with either shorter duration or less flex in the male’s body.

Copulation attempt;
Note :
GT = Gonopodial Thrust male swing gonopodium toward female’s cloaca, without making contact.
GC = Gonopodial Contact male touches female’s cloaca briefly with his gonopodium (intromittent organ)

Credit;…bs/Guppy1/ and ASAB.

Photo shows the ‘Courtship Dance’;
Photo credit :


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