How often do I feed the fries?

Fries are best to raise in a 5 gallon tank so that they do not have to swim very far to get food. The best food for fries are hatched live baby brime shrimp or daphnia.

Guppy fries have very small intestinal tracts that must be refilled every 20 minutes to get maximum growth. Since a twenty-minute feeding regime is impractical, one may feed every 2 hours for 8-10 feedings a day.

Fries may be fed solely on live brine shrimp for the first week, and then begins supplementing with dry crushed flake food. Ensure that the crushed flake food is not too big for the fry’s mouth.

The first feed in the morning is best to start off with the crushed flake food as the fries will be hungry, and alternate it with brime shrimp throughout the day.

To get maximum growth rate for fries, it is best to use live food especially the first month.


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