How fast will the fries grow?

Depending on the strain, if fed with live food and properly maintained, the fries can double or triple in size within the first month.

The first month of the fries is the most critical. In this first month, most of the food energy is devoted to body growth, including the development of muscle and bone structure.

It is best to boost the growth of the guppy size between birth and the development of sexual organs.
For most strains, once the sexual development begins (which is about weeks after birth), most food energy is diverted to gamete production.

After the sixth week, more and more energy is devoted to sexual activity. Since female guppies can have their first drop a couple of months after birth, their food energy may be diverted to egg production and providing some nutrition to her fry. As such, breeders usually keep males and females separately to maximize the growth of the guppy.

Growth rate is also affected by the temperature of the tank. Higher temperatures speed up guppy metabolism. However, guppies raised in high temperatures and fed aggressively will have shorter lives and are more prone to disease.

At about six week, the fins start to grow, diverting energy once again from body growth. Therefore, it is important to concentrate on the first month where most growth are exclusive to the guppy size before the energy starts to divert in other directions.

The age at which the guppies start to show secondary colors depends upon the strain. Some strains darken within a day, others may take several weeks. Some male guppies can be selected for color as early as four months.

There are many factors affecting the expression of color in male guppies, from genetic to the food you feed them.


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