Do I need a breeding trap?

Very often we hear beginners asking “My female guppy is going to give birth, what should I do? Do I need a breeding trap?”

The initial part is to detect when is the female going to give birth – the female is about to drop when she becomes apprehensive and shy, hiding in plants or behind filters. This is best to leave her alone in her breeding tank by removing the rest of the fishes. It’s best to use a 1.5ft to 2ft tank as breeding. Personally I preferred a 1.5ft tank.

For such a tank size, there is no need for a breeding trap but stuff in more water plants to act as a “breeding trap”. I will use a breeding trap if the female is albino strain. Try to avoid using the breeding trap for too long as it may stress the fish and ensure the trap is not too small for the female.

When the female is ready to drop, she stops swimming and stays in one spot. The fry are born from a vent at the back of the gravid spot. The fry are expelled in a head-to-tail position. The fry drops in pairs or in fours.

When stressed, the female will often give birth to premature fry that have not completely absorbed the yolk sac. These fry can still survive. They are balled up at first, but quickly unravel. They often fall to the bottom and rest for half and hour. After that, they will naturally seek cover at the top of the tank. Those still remain at the bottom are too weak to make it to the top.


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