FAQ – Basic

Basic Frequently Asked Questions on Guppy Keeping.

1. Introduction to Guppies

2. How fast will the fries grow?

3. How often do I feed the fries?

4. What do I feed the newly born fries?

5. How often do I feed them?

6. What temperature should the water be?

7. What is the pH for keeping guppies?

FAQ – Breeding

Frequently Asked Questions on the Breeding of Guppy.

1. How to tell if the female guppy is pregnant?

2. How to tell Male & Female guppy apart?

3. What to do with the female after she gave birth?

4. How long will a female guppy takes to give birth?

5. Do I need a breeding trap?

6. How long can the female guppy store the sperm?

7. Why my female guppy does not produce fries?

8. How soon can a pair of guppy start spawning?

9. How soon will a virgin female guppy gets pregnant?

10. How the Male Guppy court the Femal Guppy?

11. How Male Guppy mate with Female Guppy?

12. Do female guppy lay eggs?


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