German Yellow Tuxedo

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German Yellow Tuxedo;

Credit : Showguppy of Taiwan…814&show=0

The Male;

The Female (a ribbon);

RREA German Yellow Tuxedo;

Credit : Xue Ma of Taiwan…65&show=50

German Yellow Tuxedo;


Blue Tail Tuxedo

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Blue Tail Tuxedo;

Credit : Manaquiri of Taiwan…26&show=25

Credit : rcshen of Taiwan…7&show=125

Albino Blue Tail Tuxedo

Credit : Bauhaus of Taiwan…864&show=0

and the female;

Tuxedo Strain

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Tuxedo refers to the lower part of the body being black, dark blue or other solid (plain) color and the tail must not be of any pattern or varicolored spot. Usually the dorsal and tail are of the same solid color. The caudal spread are usually wider and longer than other strain.
Nowadays, the tail and dorsal can be other color or pattern different from the body.

Tuxedo originated from Germany around early 1960s. At that time, only 2 types are available – namely Blue Tuxedo and Green Tuxedo. So during that time, those exported to Japan are mainly these Blue and Green Tuxedos, but their caudal pattern are that of Mosaic – which we termed Blue Mosaic Tuxedo. Of course, this term have been refined to the current Tuxedo.

In the 80s, those blue guppies with the Bb gene will imported from Singapore to Japan. Because of the shine and slimer body, they are gaining popularity in Japan then and many various types of new strain will resulted like Blue Mosaic, Blue Grass, Japanese Blue Tailed Tuxedo including the Neon Blue Tailed Tuxedo and Sky Blue Tailed Tuxedo.

So when we referred to Japanese Blue Tailed Tuxedo means it consists of Bb gene and the spawn will throw out 1/4 Red Tailed Tuxedo, 1/2 Blue Tailed Tuxedo and 1/4 Blue bodied.

However, those earlier blue gene from Germany are currently known as German Blue Tailed Tuxedo. Their spawn will result in Blue Tailed Tuxedo and Blue bodied.

Such German Blue Tailed Tuxedo genes are different from the Japanese Blue Tailed Tuxedo. The German Blue Tailed Tuxedo follows the Mendal’s Law of Inheritence, i.e. BB, Bb is Blue Tuxedo while bb is Blue bodied.

So for German Blue Tailed Tuxedo, only when you cross the Bb and Bb, then it will result in 1/4 bb Blue bodied.

On the appearance, those Japanese Blue Tailed Tuxedos are more ligther Blue as there is less Black pigment. The German Blue Tailed Tuxedo has more Black pigment and thus look more darker blue. So in the market, they are also known as Dark Blue Tuxedo.

As for HB (Half Black) means the lower half of the body is black in color and does not necessary means German type Tuxedo. But nowadays, in the market most are calling them as German Tuxedos.

The popular German Yellow Tuxedo is the result of much crossbreeding. As such, the German Yellow Tuxedos are usually smaller in size.

If one will to see carefully, the caudal peduncles of the Tuxedos usually have a dark blue or greenish layer as this is caused by the Tuxedo (XTYT) gene. This is one of the few genes that will cause both sexes to exhibit this layer.

Another point to note is that the Tuxedo gene can be easily re-shuffled within the sex chromosomes.

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