Chris Yew’s Medusa Grass

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– Medusa male x Red Grass female

As we know, Medusa and Galaxy was created using the snakeskin female right?

I’ve my Medusa line for quite long already and it has been breeding true and with delta cauda nowadays.

So I cross my Medusa with a *Red Grass female. This Red Grass female is no difference from the Blue Grass female juz that it’s the female sibling in a spawn that produces more Red Grass than Blue. You may want to call it Blue Grass female too.

They are now 2mths old.

Here is one of the male in the resulting spawn. It’s a snakeskin or cobra type;

The gene from the mother. Red Grass;

The inbetween – The gene from father Medusa and gene from the mother Red Grass;

My favourites;

Another one that I like and the last one. Will see them again in 1 mth’s time and see how they grow up.

See how this fellow now at 1 mth later;

You can see that the lower part of the body is actually darken and there is some kind of curve marking on the forebody (but not showing when taking photo).



Now you see how this “snakeskin” fellow grows up one month later;

I like the partial red color;

How it looks one month ago previously;

See how this one the caudal tail shape develops after 1 mth;

1mth ago;

Using the best one from the above and cross it with a Albino Red Grass Female again;

This is what I get (a 3 mths old Medusa Grass);
The growth rate is rather slow.

The son from the above;

A not so good Medusa Grass;



Chris Yew’s Medusa Mosaic

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This is a cross between my Medusa male x Mosaic female.

Here are the Medusa Mosaic types;

These are 4 different lines;

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