Chris Yew’s Medusa Grass

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– Medusa male x Red Grass female

As we know, Medusa and Galaxy was created using the snakeskin female right?

I’ve my Medusa line for quite long already and it has been breeding true and with delta cauda nowadays.

So I cross my Medusa with a *Red Grass female. This Red Grass female is no difference from the Blue Grass female juz that it’s the female sibling in a spawn that produces more Red Grass than Blue. You may want to call it Blue Grass female too.

They are now 2mths old.

Here is one of the male in the resulting spawn. It’s a snakeskin or cobra type;

The gene from the mother. Red Grass;

The inbetween – The gene from father Medusa and gene from the mother Red Grass;

My favourites;

Another one that I like and the last one. Will see them again in 1 mth’s time and see how they grow up.

See how this fellow now at 1 mth later;

You can see that the lower part of the body is actually darken and there is some kind of curve marking on the forebody (but not showing when taking photo).



Now you see how this “snakeskin” fellow grows up one month later;

I like the partial red color;

How it looks one month ago previously;

See how this one the caudal tail shape develops after 1 mth;

1mth ago;

Using the best one from the above and cross it with a Albino Red Grass Female again;

This is what I get (a 3 mths old Medusa Grass);
The growth rate is rather slow.

The son from the above;

A not so good Medusa Grass;



Chris Yew’s Medusa Mosaic

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This is a cross between my Medusa male x Mosaic female.

Here are the Medusa Mosaic types;

These are 4 different lines;

Chris Yew’s Medusa

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These are my Medusa. My original breeder pair – the male caudal is like ‘lyre’ tail type and it’s difficult to breed them to delta shaped caudal. After don’t know how many generations down, I finally managed to get the delta shape caudal more and more, though some of the spawn still throw out the ‘lyre’ shape tail.

Also note that most Medusa caudal, the top and bottom edge patterns are usually blurred out. I’m trying to achieve more defined cleared caudal pattern, and slowly there is some improvement.

Medusa 1 – The top edge of the caudal is quite clear;

Medusa 2 – My favourite one, the caudal is getting clearer though the bottom still blur;

Medusa 3 – This one both top and bottom still blur;

A tankful of them – taken with flash;

9 mths old Medusa;

Same fish, the other side;

Different fish at 6 mths;

Different fish at 2 mths;

Different fish at 1 mth;

1 of the Medusa Tanks;

This is my Medusa from the pond. Huge!

See the caudal spread;

Chris Yew’s Magenta Mosaic Short Fin

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This is a cross between a male Albino Coral Red Mosaic x female medusa. The resulting spawn F1, they were inbreed between siblings again. F2 female was selected to cross with another Albino Coral Red Mosaic. F3 again silbings inbreed again. F4 female selected to cross with male Blue Grass. F5 silblings inbreed again.

Onli 3 males have these color but the finnage and pattern are still not perfect yet.

Here are the results;

1st Male with imperfect caudal;

2nd Male;

2nd Male the other side view;

Same male but taken with flash;

3rd Male;

Another 2 new young ones;

Another delta tail type;

Chris Yew’s RREA German Yellow

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This is my RREA German Yellow at 8 mths. I’m limiting it’s growth by feeding less protein food.

Chris Yew’s Lazuli Yellow Grass

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This one is juz F1 and definitely the finnage is still not good yet. The color on body is still not as blue and the yellow color also not too yellow. The grass pattern needs to be more defined. Hopefully the F2 has an improvement and is now 1 week for F2.

This was created using my Lazuli Blue Grass by selecting the male with the least blue on the finnage and caudal.

Lazuli Yellow Grass

Another shot;

Only 4 pairs of it and this taken with flash (thus the body looks greenish but should be blue instead);

Chris Yew’s Albino Coral Red Grass

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The growth of my Albino Coral Red Grass;

A 1 mth old Albino Coral Red Grass;

Note that the growth of this line is also very slow on the finnage. The caudal is usuall rounded when young and will only show more delta when it is much older.

Even at 2.5mths old, there is not much growth on the finnage (still the caudal is as round). Onli the color has grown more intense;

Finally at 8mths old and the caudal is fully spread but the dorsal is still not well developed. This is probably due to the coral gene which slows down or limiting the growth. Hope to find one with longer dorsal.

Same fish;

Chris Yew’s Albino Red Grass

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This is my Albino Red Grass at 2.5 mths. See that the red started to color up at the caudal (more red in natural light than this artificial light). They are of the same spawn and sibling of my Red Grass grey eye – thrown out some albinos but so far very little males.

Note : The Grand Father of this fishes are the Red Grass that I’m selling now at the Sales thread. These are not Albino Coral Red Grass as they do not have the Coral Red genes.

Albino Red Grass 1a;

Albino Red Grass 1b (same fish as above);

A sibling of the above – Albino Red Grass 2a;

Albino Red Grass 2b (same fish as above);

This is the Grey Eye sibling of the Albino Red Grass above, which is also 2.5 mths – Red Grass 1a;

Red Grass 1b (same fish as above);

This is the Albino Red Grass at 6 mths old;

Same fish, the other side view;

Same fish but with flashlight. See the finnage;

Remember this photo : This is when it was 2.5 mths. See the difference!

Chris Yew’s Red Grass

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This Red Grass is generated from the Blue Grass thus the color is not so intensive and good. Now at 6mths;

Same fish the other side;

The 7 ‘Dwarfs’ together;

And this is the sibling of this Albino Red Grass.

This is the same Red Grass at 2.5mths;


Chris Yew’s Blue Grass and Albino Blue Grass

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This one also don’t know F what already. Setback is the caudal is not straight and the pattern on dorsal not define yet.

same fish;

This Albino Blue Grass is spawned from the above male and it’s about 2.5mths old;

same fish;

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