Chris Yew’s Medusa

January 29, 2007 at 12:58 am | Posted in Guppies Onli Collection, Past Collection | Leave a comment

These are my Medusa. My original breeder pair – the male caudal is like ‘lyre’ tail type and it’s difficult to breed them to delta shaped caudal. After don’t know how many generations down, I finally managed to get the delta shape caudal more and more, though some of the spawn still throw out the ‘lyre’ shape tail.

Also note that most Medusa caudal, the top and bottom edge patterns are usually blurred out. I’m trying to achieve more defined cleared caudal pattern, and slowly there is some improvement.

Medusa 1 – The top edge of the caudal is quite clear;

Medusa 2 – My favourite one, the caudal is getting clearer though the bottom still blur;

Medusa 3 – This one both top and bottom still blur;

A tankful of them – taken with flash;

9 mths old Medusa;

Same fish, the other side;

Different fish at 6 mths;

Different fish at 2 mths;

Different fish at 1 mth;

1 of the Medusa Tanks;

This is my Medusa from the pond. Huge!

See the caudal spread;


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