Chris Yew’s Magenta Mosaic Short Fin

January 29, 2007 at 12:29 am | Posted in Guppies Onli Collection, Past Collection | 2 Comments

This is a cross between a male Albino Coral Red Mosaic x female medusa. The resulting spawn F1, they were inbreed between siblings again. F2 female was selected to cross with another Albino Coral Red Mosaic. F3 again silbings inbreed again. F4 female selected to cross with male Blue Grass. F5 silblings inbreed again.

Onli 3 males have these color but the finnage and pattern are still not perfect yet.

Here are the results;

1st Male with imperfect caudal;

2nd Male;

2nd Male the other side view;

Same male but taken with flash;

3rd Male;

Another 2 new young ones;

Another delta tail type;



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  1. could you show me a picture of medusa?what`s different between a snakeskin female and another female?

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    Chris Yew’s Magenta Mosaic Short Fin | Guppies Onli

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