Chris Yew’s Albino Red Grass

January 26, 2007 at 2:23 am | Posted in Guppies Onli Collection, Past Collection | Leave a comment

This is my Albino Red Grass at 2.5 mths. See that the red started to color up at the caudal (more red in natural light than this artificial light). They are of the same spawn and sibling of my Red Grass grey eye – thrown out some albinos but so far very little males.

Note : The Grand Father of this fishes are the Red Grass that I’m selling now at the Sales thread. These are not Albino Coral Red Grass as they do not have the Coral Red genes.

Albino Red Grass 1a;

Albino Red Grass 1b (same fish as above);

A sibling of the above – Albino Red Grass 2a;

Albino Red Grass 2b (same fish as above);

This is the Grey Eye sibling of the Albino Red Grass above, which is also 2.5 mths – Red Grass 1a;

Red Grass 1b (same fish as above);

This is the Albino Red Grass at 6 mths old;

Same fish, the other side view;

Same fish but with flashlight. See the finnage;

Remember this photo : This is when it was 2.5 mths. See the difference!


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