Lazyman way of Hatching and Feeding of BBS

January 25, 2007 at 6:48 am | Posted in General | Leave a comment

1. First you need at least 2 bottles of such ‘kuay’ or PET container. Size is depending on the amount of BBS you required for your feed.

2. Best to change a new container every 3 to 6mths as these containers are not meant for reused. See the number in the triangle is Number 1.

3. Remember to rinse and wash with just tap water before and after use. Fill the container with tap water (if you are worried, you may add little water conditioner like Aquaplus, but I don’t) up to the line marking as shown;

4. Next add one scoop of Salt (normal table salt will do for me). The amount of salt to be added depends on the brand of bbs you buy. For me, I’m using this amount;

But the amount you can adjust accordingly. If you see the hatch rate is no good after 24hrs, increase the salt amount a bit by bit.

5. Always use a level scoop for the bbs egg. Depending on the hatch rate of the bbs brand, you may adjust the number of scoops required. Best to start with 1 scoop for a smaller container and if the hatch rate is no good, then increase by another scoop. For me, I use 2 scoops.

6. After putting in the bbs eggs, it’s done. Make a hole thru the cap of the container so that the air tube can goes thru. You can either put a airstone or tied a lead round the end of the tube.

Remember this;
Start with hatching of 1st container. After 24hrs you can harvest it and start feeding your fries. As you start feeding with the 1st container, start preparing the same with the 2nd container. Alternate the feeding using this 2 containers, i.e. after finish feeding using the 1st container, use the 2nd container for feeding which should be on the next day; then clean and prepare again for the 1st container.

7. For feeding of the hatched bbs, I use a dropper which can be cheaply purchased from any pharmacy. Depending on the number of fries and size of tanks, I usually drop 3 to 8 drops.

To me, it’s ok to suck in all the contents and drop into the fries tank which include the bbs, unhatched shell (which not to many usually) and the salt water.


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