How much electrical bill your pump cost you?

January 25, 2007 at 3:10 am | Posted in General | Leave a comment

I’ve been asked this question and I think it may interest some of you : If I’m using a 4W OHF, how much will it cost me for my electricity bill in a month?

Power can be denoted by kW : same as 1000 W
Your electrical meter is in kWh and this is not Power but Energy!
Which means Energy = Power x Time : kW x hour of use.

For example, my Resun pump is 12 W and I on it for whole day in a month.
12W = 0.012kW
In 1 day, it’s Energy is 0.012 x 24hr = 0.288kWh
In 1 month (assuming 30days), it’s Energy consumption is 8.64kWh
Our electrical tarriff is $0.158 per kWh, so in 1 month it’s ;
8.64kWh x 0.158 = $1.37

So my 12W Resun pump costs me $1.37 per month in electrical bill.

For info, this is much lower than your computer consumption. Your pc may be running on a 250W or 300W power supply (of course actual consumption may be lower than that 250W or 300W rated max power). Assuming it’s actual power consumption is 200W and you use your pc for at least 8 hours a day and everyday in a mth; so your bill for using your pc in a mth will be approx. $7.58!

Of course, a 4W OHF consumption will be much lower than my 12W Resun pump.

Note : There must be some +/- for manufacturers overspec or underspec hehe. If I made a mistake in the above calculation, pls correct me, too long never do this already.


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