Female Guppy

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Very often when we buy a female guppy together with the male, the female guppy is usually ‘prehit’. Also we may not know if the female was ‘prehit’ by the same strain or another. Only time can tell when the fries are big enough and that will take about 2 or more months.

If the female was ‘prehit’ by another strain, then it is difficult to wait for the female to completely ‘clear’ up all the unwanted strain sperm as the female can store the male sperm up to 5 to 8 birth.

Here is what I’ve read in some article;

One will have up to 3 days to breed your desired male with that ‘prehit’ female immediately after she has given birth.

The percentage given are just average. If you will to put your desired male together with the ‘prehit’ female immediately on the day it gives birth, you will have 75% of the next spawn where the father is from the desired one where 25% is from the previous father.

If you put the desired male one day after the female gave birth, the percentage is 50% from the new father and the other 50% from the previous father. So if it’s 3 days or 72 hours after giving birth, it’s 25% from new father and 75% from previous father. Now if on the 4th day or 96hrs after giving birth, you will not be having any chances from the new father but 100% from the previous father.

So to play safe, put the desired male in with the ‘prehit’ female within 3days after the female gave birth. I’m still waiting for a chance to try it, what about you?

Mr.Erwin said;

This method of storing sperm is of great use in the guppies wild
habitat. Because of the constant moving water and mountains
(longterm) the fish are sometimes separated from the rest and
a few female fish have to set up a new population.
After the second mating (new partner) the outcome will be 50-50.
But in the future drops, the old sperm will play a greater part than
we expect. It’s probably all to improve genetic differenciation that
the old stored sperm is not just replaced with new.
So if you want to get a pure-breeding strain (or keep it) just never
use a prehit female if the male is unknown. Not even after a few
I’ve never heard of dropping sperm packs, maybe people here
mean dropping the undeveloped young (eggs) because of the stress?
Thats why we should avoid to move the female to give birth..
A male needs only 48 hours to get 100% of the females pregnant.
(When it’s the female’s first drop it will take some weeks extra)
So after giving birth you can put the male and female together and
after two or three days just remove the male. The female has her own
planted tank to give birth, no extra mouth to chase the young and no


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