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Endlers are much more lively than guppies and they are also high jumper when you are trying to net them up. They are definitely very prolific fish and usually the female don’t eat their frys though some may do.

The gestation period is about slightly more than 3 weeks. The best part is that the male endlers started showing his color from 2 weeks plus, and by 3 weeks plus, most colors are shown. The other interesting point is that the male endler will still change it’s color pattern on it’s body while it’s maturing.

Usually the male and female endlers are smaller size than guppy male and female. The female endlers are usually brown in color (no color) as compared to the male.

When stressed or about to delivery (pregnant stage), the diamond net pattern on her body will show up.

Many faces of Endlers
Initially I thought that the Endlers will not have protruding swords like those of the normal swordtail guppies, but I’m wrong. After surfing thru the net and read thru all about Endlers, and checking on my own stock at home and in the pond – I realised that Endlers may also throw out top sword, bottom sword, double sword and even veil or round tail.

Most Endlers caudal will have a shape that look like that of a lyre tail but not lyre tail;

As you can see above and below pic, the caudal has a shorter colored up at the top edge and a longer colored up at the bottom edge. But both are not protruding out of the caudal like the sword tail. There are also some with both equally colored up at the edges.

Here are some of the read up that shows swordtails do show up in the spawn;


Here is my Bottom Sword Endler;

Close up view of the BS;

Here is my Double Sword Endler;

And this one is the odd one out with round tail, out of the whole F2 spawn;

I guess mine probably is a hybrid instead.

So Endlers can be fun too and in the next post, you will see the various types of Endlers too.


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