Platinum El Dorado

January 23, 2007 at 8:27 am | Posted in Guppy Strains Library, Solid or Plain Color Strain | Leave a comment

Not much infos on this strain though it is one of the purest strain. It has a real gold platinum body. The El Dorado belongs to the Stoerzbach metal group too.

The Stoerzbach metal are recessive, autosomal (these genes are located on the body-chromosomes, the autosomes). So male guppy shows (in most cases) all traits of a strain while the female guppy shows only some traits of a certain strain.

What distinguishes the El Dorado is the presence of a Schimmelpfennig platinum gene on the Y-chromosome.

In 1990, Hiroshi Sugino crossed a German Schimmelpfennig Lyretail with an Old Fashion guppy. Some of his F1 produced a delta tail and he crossed this F1 to a Japanese Mosaic strain. This is thought to be how the original Platinum El Dorado was created. The name ‘El Dorado’ given by a Japanese breeder which means “Lost City of Gold”.

Photo Credit : Guppy K, Japanese Show Guppy


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