Grass Strain

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Grass originated from Japan and is a variation from Mosaic.

Before that , in 1970s Japan imported the Glass from Singapore. One of the Japanese breeders crossed the Mosaic with this Glass. In the late 1970s to early 1980s, the outcome of the cross resulted in the Glass Mosaic where later termed Grass.

It’s also suspected that the Mosaic used in the cross was from Germany. Mosaic was already imported to Japan from Germany in the 1960s. Thus the early Blue Grass will not result in Red Grass.

Also in the early 1980s, Japan has brought in guppies with the Bb genes from Singapore. And this is also how the current Blue Grass produces Red Grass as they may contain the Bb genes.

There is also another ‘story’ about Grass origin. It is said that in Japan, a breeder spent 10 years over 25 generations inbreeding the Tuxedo Mosaic. After overcoming much difficulties in his breeding, it resulted in the Grass strain where it’s not his main aim.

Whichever origins it come from, it seems that Grass originate from Mosaic strain.

There are basically two types : the standard Grass type which the tail color is not impressive and the other type is the Glass type where the tail is more transparent and more finer dots. As such sometimes you may find both strain names as Grass and Glass. Even though as such, sibling cross of grass strains will still produce both Grass and Glass and therefore such classification is not necessary.

This Grass gene (X[sup]GL[/sup]Y) will affect the caudal and dorsal fins. Therefore it is important to choose both caudal and dorsal with similar Grass patterns.

Credit : Laurel Lake Guppy Hatchery

In Noboru Iwasaki’s book – Fancy Strains and How to Produce Them, 1989;
– Blue Grass was produced by crossing with Neon Tuxedo.
– Red Grass was produced by crossing with Red Mosaic.
– Yellow Grass was produced by crossing with Leopard.

There are also other types of Grass like;
– Full Metal Blue Grass which is a Blue Grass that has been crossed with the Moscow.
– A bronze version of the strain in Japan called Tiger. It has a metallic sheen which is due to the metal gene added to it.

Now take a careful look at the differences in the female caudal shape;

Termed the Genuine Female where the top part of caudal is more pointed upwards and bigger. This is said to be the result of crossbreed with Mosaic.

Termed the Normal Female where the caudal is more rounded and lighter color. Such female is more preferred if I’m not wrong. The round tail tends to produce fan tail fries and will not affect the fin pattern of the male sex.

Photo Credit : Y. Mori (Japanese Guppy House)



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