Full Red

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There are many types of Full Red, and they are basically;
– US Full Red
– Moscow Red
– Coral Full Red
– Holland Full Red

and the cross breed of the above.

US Full Red;

Characteristics : All red except the head top is not red. Usually the belly part will slowly colored up. Body chromosome – ff. Somehow the term US Full Red is rather confusing, maybe US Red will be better.

Credit : An Pin of Taiwan

There is another Full Red (which is a TM of Ed C.) from the breeder Ed Chiasson.

His Full Red again is divided into 2 version : Grey and Blond body version.

Grey body version : The color is deeper but after sometime, there appears black dots near the caudal penducle.

Blond body version : The color is more lighter.

Both version, the red is already fully covered up when young. To maintain a good line of Full Red, it’s best to cross breed both version.

Moscow Red;

Characteristics : The color is more orange red if compared to the US Full Red due to the Blond body. Thus the color of caudal is also affected. But because of the Blond body, the whole body is fully orange red which is like the Moscow Blue (fully blue).

The whole fish is colored up except the head top, while the belly usually colored up later.

Body chromosome – ff. Both the male and female must have the Moscow gene. The body is thick and the caudal angle is wide too.

The female dorsal lacks the red color, while the caudal color is thicker.

Credit : An Pin of Taiwan

Coral Full Red;

Characteristics : All red except head top and belly not fully colored up. The obvious part is the coral red line right behind the eyes across the body. Y linked.

Credit : An Pin of Taiwan

Albino Red Head Coral Red Tail;
Characteristics : Same as Coral Full Red except that the head top part is colored up.

Holland Full Red;

Characteristics : It has Red Head gene, Y-linked and the color is lighter than Moscow Red. The dorsal is big and color is more even. Though there may be some exception.

The fish originated from Germany. Initially, the fish is Red Head Flamenco Red with Full Red gene but of wild body (this line will gives blond, albino and wild body).

Then why is this called Holland line? That’s because during that time, there was a fish exchange programme between Germany and Holland, and in the production of this fish it’s in Holland, thus it’s called Holland line.

Albino Holland Full Red;

Credit : YS of Taiwan

Holland Full Red Wild Body;

Credit : YS of Taiwan



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